Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas - The YUMMY stuff

Whether you are celebrating Valentine's Day or not,
why won't you make something yummy and cute for your loved ones?
Just because...
Ακόμη κι αν δεν γιορτάζεται τη γιορτή του Αγίου Βαλεντίνου,
γιατί να μην φτιάξετε κάτι νόστιμο και χαριτωμένο για τους αγαπημένους σας;
Έτσι, χωρίς λόγο...
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  1. Coffee, chocolate pancakes and strawberries in bed. Then a nap! For me that's the best way to celebrate Valentine's day. ^_^

    1. Whatever works... Valentine's Day is just a day after all. It's nice to make each day feel a little more special.


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